Get acquainted with Airmeet


Airmeet is the fastest growing platform for hosting a rich variety of virtual events. Airmeet allows participants to interact on virtual tables through videos, table chats, and speakers to broadcast live sessions. 


Q: How to Register in Airmeet
  1. Click the "Register" button on the home page to be taken to the Gateway 2021 Registration Page on Airmeet, then click "Register for this Event"

  2. You can register using your email address, social media credentials, or with Team Single-Sign-In (SSO) Authentication.

  3. Now fill in your attendee card and click on the "Enter" button to participate in the event.

  4.  If the event has not yet started or paused then you can add the event to your calendar by clicking on the "Add to calendar" button. 

Q: What are sessions?

The live session is a video broadcast started by the host of the event. When a session is live, you will be able to see the video streams of designated speakers only. 


You can chat using text messages and react with emojis during a live session. As an attendee, you can interact with speakers using the Raise Hand feature.

  • As an attendee, you can interact with speakers using the Raise Hand feature.

  • Your video is turned off and audio is muted by default once the session is live but you can see yourself on the attendee list and connect with others with the help of live feed, direct messages. 

Q: What is Social Lounge?

The social lounge is the virtual space where the attendee can be seated at any table, move across the table, and interact with those on the same tables in a mini-virtual conference. 

Conference Format: The social lounge is available throughout the event for participants to network with each other.​

Q: How to attend Airmeet event from mobile browser (non-interactive mode)?
  1.  It is recommended to use the Airmeet Application which will provide you with a better experience.

  2. Register with your email or other social media accounts. After registering it will ask to fill up the attendee card. 

  3. Fill in the credentials like name, email, designation, organization, state, and country. These details will be shown to other participants. After filling up click on 'Continue' to proceed further.

  4. As Airmeet is experienced best in Laptop/Desktop a page will be shown that informs users to use the same for a better experience. Click the "Continue on mobile" button if you wish to proceed ahead.

  5. As soon as you enter, you will see the list of sessions in the schedule tab along with their status.

Q: What browsers are supported by Airmeet?

Airmeet is best experienced on a Chrome browser (version 79 or higher), laptop, or a desktop. 
Download the latest version at


Supported browsers;

Q: How to change camera or mic input in Airmeet?

Step 1: End-users need to ensure proper permissions are given between the operating system and Google chrome on the hardware level & Google chrome and Airmeet at the browser level to ensure a seamless experience.

Step 2: Camera & Mic input can be changed in 3 ways:

a) Changing your camera & mic input while entering the event after allowing relevant permission to the browser.

b) Lounge Tables: When in the lounge you can change your input by clicking on the Settings icon (gear icon) and select your relevant camera & mic input.

c) Backstage/Stage: When backstage or on the live stage, you can change your input by clicking on the three dots and select Audio & Video settings and select your relevant camera & mic input.
You can also test your output and once done click on "Done" to save the changes.